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What Got You Through?

In life, we are faced with all kinds of obstacles and setbacks. This is something that naturally happens in all of our lives. This is not something that can be avoided because its a part of the progression. A small change in our life can cause an obstacle or a setback because naturally with change comes some type of resistance. We are used to the normal routine. The fear of the unknown can cause problems and resistance. At some point in our life, we come to a situation where we don’t know what is going to be our next move or how we are going to get out of the problems we are faced with. We all have had our backs against the wall. If someone tells you they have “no worries” they are not truly living. Although they may be physically living and breathing but in their soul their not truly alive, if they don’t feel ups and downs.

A person that is truly evolving and living is feeling both the bad and the good. This is part of the human experience to feel all kinds of emotions and to also go through things that at first may not be understood. Most of the times when these problems arise we find ourselves asking why are we even going through things and sometimes we ask what did we do to deserve this? That’s the part I want to discuss: that feeling of we did something bad in order for something bad to happen to us.

I’m a believer everything happens for a bigger reason and certain things that happen to us can be occurring due to our own thought process. Things that happen to us on the outside is a direct reflection on whats going on in the inside. Thoughts create reality. Our mind doesn’t have a way of distinguishing what we are thinking is good or bad it just does what we think most frequently. Either we are thinking positive or negative. We do have a choice of the way we think and that is the power.

We go through hard times for strengthening of the soul and strengthening of the mind. Everything we go through is suppose to be used to make us a better form of ourselves. To truly remember our power. We all of course are physical bodies with physical limitations. A person cant just out of nowhere begin to fly because of the limits of the body. A person more than anything is a soul inside of a physical body. The soul is infinite and having connection we can take flight spiritually. In all of us dwells a powerful energy known as the soul. This is the part of us that is truly us. This is the part that we forget about when we hit this physical world. The soul is what we search for in life and the more problems we are faced with the further we are from our soul. We have access to this energy directly through our thoughts and mindsets.. People handle problems in different ways and have different ways of adjusting to change. Some people cant handle problems or setbacks and many cant handle change. Many see themselves as powerless and falling victim to their problems. We do have a power within us that can handle any problem. if we are connected to this energy inside of us we will always know that we can overcome any obstacle. The pains and setbacks of life is not as hard when you have a connection to your soul. Instead of trying to fight through problems you begin to adjust and learn lessons through obstacles.This small mental adjustment of the mind can be life changing. Being connected to our soul it gives us a different perspective of our reality. We all have intuition and through practices such as meditation we can gain insights for our lives. Inside of our mind we can tap into instructions from our soul. God gave us powers that we have forgotten but once that connection is made no matter what you go through you will know you have power. We are infinite soul beings with a bigger purpose. You can get through it.

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